Using Raven with An Existing Template

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Raven is the strategy component to BloodHound, allowing you to auto-trade an existing BloodHound template. To set up Raven and view it in action, you first must open up a chart. For the sake of simplicity, if you have BloodHound already on the chart we recommend removing it (because Raven will add it back on). To do this, right click … Read More

Time Session Solver End of Day Exit Logic


In the Tips & Tricks video you will learn how to us the Time Session solver to create an Exit Logic template for use in Raven that will flatten any open positions at the end of the day or whatever time you choose. This can easily be added to an existing Exit Logic that you may already have by simple … Read More

How to analyze custom indicators in BloodHound


Not sure if your downloaded or 3rd-party indicator will work with BloodHound or if it provides the signal data you see on the chart?  This video looks at a hand full of custom indicators to teach you how to determine whether there is an output value of the “signal” you want to feed into BloodHound.

Reading the likes of CCI


The CCI can range in value from -300 to 300. In this tips and tricks video we look at how to use the Indicator Threshold Solver to study the CCI indicator. Combining this with the use of a moving average, we construct a simple CCI MA system.   FYI- Here is an educational CCI video I found on YouTube…

ADX Rising Slope


The ADX indicator is in a unique class of indicators where the direction of the slope doesn’t necessarily mean strength in a particular direction. Instead a rising slope in the ADX means the strength of a trend is building in some direction. So how do we configure BloodHound to give us permission to trade in either direction when the ADX … Read More