Basic Training Videos

Here are some basic training videos you really should watch first.

These will help you a lot if you take a moment to watch these training videos first,  before using SharkIndicators trading software.

For BloodHound Users

How to Add an Indicator to a Chart

Charting 101 - Basic Chart Creation

Charting 201 - Advanced Settings

For BlackBird Users

NinjaTrader currently does not have a general purpose strategy training video.  The video they do have is for their Strategy Builder, which does not offer anything of value for BlackBird users.
BlackBird users can also benefit from watching the Charting videos in the BloodHound section above.

Want More Training?

This link will take you to more very short and targeted videos...  New User Video Guides page.
This link will take you to more in depth NinjaTrader training videos.