Introducing BlackBird

(On-Demand Webinar)

This event will show you how to manage EVERY aspect of your trade with unparalleled simplicity & flexibility. Utilize NT Indicators as trailing stops. Upgrade your ATM today.

  • Automated Trade Management
  • Pre-Program Order Movement
  • Enhanced Position Scaling
  • Unlimited Stop-Loss Trailing Rules
  • Exclusive Offer
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Although this is a pre-recorded event, questions you type in the chat during business hours will be answered live by our Support Team.

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“The development team at SharkIndicators have really outdone themselves with BlackBird. I’ve already been using BloodHound to rapidly develop and test trading system ideas since 2013, and the one piece that was always missing was the ability to setup more advanced rules for trade management (i.e., trailing stops and targets, scaling-in/scaling-out). BlackBird is the missing piece that, now, makes possible absolutely any set of order/money management rules you can imagine! I have created incredibly complex trailing stops and targets that I use every single trading day, and I’m still amazed by watching each trade play out exactly as I designed in BlackBird. There really is nothing even remotely like it! I only wish I would have had it years ago. Thank you so much, guys, for developing the most important trading software I own.”

Daniel R, BlackBird User since 2016

“BlackBird’s ability to reduce risk during trading is second to none! This tool is truly a game-changer for all traders. The customer service and support at Shark is wonderful!”

Steph T, BlackBird User since 2017

“Retail traders of today have power like never before. With BlackBird, the technological gap between deep-pocketed megaplayers and everybody else seems smaller than ever. This is simply a tool no retail trader should be without.”

Ferenc M, BlackBird User since 2016