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  1. Re: Getting Bloodhound signal alert to stop after initial conditions met

    Hi Brian,

    The alert sounds will happen any time a signal appears. So if your BloodHound system is designed to fire a signal on every bar, then you'll get a sound on ever bar.

    You could change...
  2. Re: Feature Request: Placing orders as a multiple from other orders

    Thanks for the feedback Andy, sounds like a good idea. I'll pass it to the team for consideration when we start working on new features again (after all the other work that's on the list) :)
  3. Re: Feature Request: Snap to Grid

    Thanks for the suggestion WildWex. This has been shared with the team for future consideration.
  4. Re: New BloodHound Version Available for NT8

    Awesome! Glad to hear you're getting good results from the latest update.
  5. Re: Can we get HeatMap Pro to give signals in BloodHound?

    Hi StreetPreacher,

    There was a technical limitation inherent to NT7 that made this impossible. We plan to upgrade the HeatMap to NT8, and we believe it will be possible to have BloodHound read...
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    Re: Enabling Si Raven

    Awesome! .
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    Re: Enabling Si Raven

    Hey Phil,

    It looks like this particular issue is fixed in the latest update. You can download it from the changelog.

    Let us know if you have any further issues; we're still working through...
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    Re: Enabling Si Raven

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your question and welcome to BloodHound! What you describe sounds like a known bug in the current version of our software, related to backtesting in NT8. We have a fix for it...
  9. Re: New output types (simple drawing objects)

    Some people simulate this "almost ready" behavior by giving certain conditions a partial output value. By default, a signal appears when the signal strength is 0.8 (that's 80%). Anything below that...
  10. Re: Automatic rearrangement of connections

    Thanks for the suggestion Frank. This is one of those nice improvements that would make BloodHound that much easier to understand and use. We'll keep it in mind when Jeremy implements new features.
  11. Option to re-order logic templates.

    A suggestion came in today to allow the user to re-order the list of logic templates in a BloodHound file. This would affect the order in the drop-down menu above the chart (next to the BloodHound...
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    Re: Space bar to move workspace

    This feature was added to BloodHound back in May 2018. We appreciate your suggestion.
  13. Re: Multiple Bloodhound templates running on same chart showing racing stri

    Hi Wartrace, sorry for the delay on this reply; we're still getting used to using the forum ourselves :)

    BloodHound's racing stripes use a feature in NinjaTrader that paints a color onto the...
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    Sticky: Re: Introduce myself

    Hey guys welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing what trading ideas you implement with BloodHound and BlackBird.

    It takes time to learn this stuff so take advantage of the documentation...
  15. Re: BB automatically put on trades when loading up

    Hi Torben, thanks for reporting this issue. I'm passing it to the team. If we're not already aware of the issue then we may reply to this thread, or email you directly to get more info for...
  16. Re: Forced login with no save of current work

    Thanks for bringing this back to our attention, that sounds very frustrating. I tweaked a few more settings that should force you to stay logged in WAY longer than needed (weeks instead of minutes),...
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    Re: Solver Rearrangement

    Good idea. A common way to improve this situation for now is to rename each solver, so it's easy to find when looking at them in a list. You'll notice Zac does that constantly during his workshops.
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    Re: Space bar to move workspace

    Thanks for the suggestion NR22, I agree. We have several keyboard/mouse UI improvements we hope to make once the NT8 update is out and things calm down a bit. The spacebar is a good idea, I use...
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    Re: Forum logs you out ...

    Frank, I agree with everything you said. When we have free time, I will start looking at modifying the forum's code to handle this more gracefully. Since the forum is third party software, I have a...
  20. Re: Forum times out (when logged on) and loses new thread.

    Thanks for reporting this Frank. When you log in, make sure to check the box for "Remember Me".

    If you have checked that option, and it still logs you out randomly, please let me know and we'll...
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