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    Re: LT_Renko_Tools used in BloodHound?

    It appears that the newly released LT_Renko_Bars_NT8_v13 has solved the problem with the LT_Renko_Tools in NT8 Version 64 bit.
  2. BH Racing stripe problem with vendor's signal

    I have an unusual problem with the racing stripes in Bloodhound. I've created a BH template that creates racing stripe buy sell signals based on a vendor's licensed proprietary indicator. The ...
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    LT_Renko_Tools used in BloodHound?

    I licensed this new renko bar with no phantom prices and the associated LT_Renko_Tools when they first became available. So far I have been unable to make the Tools work in BloodHound. The...
  4. BH template generates buy sell orders in siRaven but not in Blackbird NT8

    I have an issue with a indicator named Fakey. When a BH template is made with it to generate racing stripes and buy sell orders in siRaven it works as expected. But, when the exact same BH...
  5. Re: BB entry orders not linked to entry targets

    Now here is a case where the limit Entry B was filled on the next bar while Entry A was still open. Note how the targets are properly matched to the entries. Whereas on the previous charts Market...
  6. Re: BB entry orders not linked to entry targets

    Here is what happens if price moves against the trade direction and hits the first stop.
    One shows the proper orientation of the two entries mkt and limit with their target and stop levels.

  7. Re: BB entry orders not linked to entry targets

    The template uses the Indicator Warehouse Hawk code for entries, but you could replace the entry with any entry using one contract at market and one at limit so that it gets a better entry. I will...
  8. BlackBird status switches to Auto Disabled

    What conditions can make BlackBird switch from Auto Enabled to Auto Disabled? NT8 doesn't generate a Connection Lost sound alert when this happens some times. It is almost like BlackBird is more...
  9. Re: BB entry orders not linked to entry targets

    Now here is a chart with NQ running the same strategy as the CL and gets the same entry vs target mismatch.
  10. BB entry orders not linked to entry targets

    In BlackBird BETA Full Trial Version I expected Order A to be exited with the target configured for Order A and Order B to be exited with the target for Order B. Yesterday and today I...
  11. Positive feedback on BETA Full Trial V

    This version is looking encouraging for use with other vendors proprietary code. I did some quick tests with the GZT VelMomo and PrintProfiler for signal generation with divergences and trapped...
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    IntSeries - Template - Logic Selected

    Now that indicators in vendors' dlls can be seen I am trying to create a BH template using IntentionalTrader's Rockstar indicator. When I open BH as usual the <Empty Template> and <No Logic...
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    Bloodhound oddities

    1. When trying to create a template BH using a solver the "Select Indicator" window has multiple indicators with the same name. Some of them are ADL, ADX, ATR, CCI, CMO, DM, EMA, and others.
  14. BlackBird BETA Full Trial Ver won't switch to Short Enabled

    Long Enabled button can toggle between Long Enabled and Long Disabled, but Short Disabled toggles to Long Enable when it should toggle to Short Enable.
  15. Stuck at step one of running SI Beta Installer

    When running the installer there is a message that says certain pre-requisites must be met. The window is named "Select prerequisites to be installed." Below that it lists .NET Framework 3.5 -...
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