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Thread: Blackbird Signal Renko Reversal

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    Blackbird Signal Renko Reversal

    Hi guys,

    is ther any way to detected a renko chart reversal as signal for BlackBird without using Bloodhound?

    With Bloodhound it works using "Indicator Inflection". But is there any way without using Bloodhound in the background?

    Best regards


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    Re: Blackbird Signal Renko Reversal

    Hi RenkoTrader,

    You can either build/have built an indicator that provides an output on a reversal bar.

    Alternatively, you may be able to use the N Bars Up and N Bars Down indicators to signal a bar direction which can be used as a signal. This option may not be the best assuming that they're set to 1 bar count since it would produce a signal on every bar.


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    Re: Blackbird Signal Renko Reversal

    Might have the capacity to utilize the markers to flag a bar course which can be utilized as a flag, this alternative may not be the best accepting that they are set to 1 bar tally since it would deliver a flag on each bar...

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