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Thread: The text editor in this software needs a lot of help

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    The text editor in this software needs a lot of help

    It took me about a half hour to write from scratch the narrative for an indicator I posted. I copied and pasted the text from Word (with no formatting) and from that point it took me at least 3 times as long to get it looking somewhat presentable.

    Basic XML when using tables put the table numbers in a 3 or 4 size even though the text was size 2. The same thing happened using a marker type table "*". After messing with it in an attempt to get it correct I finally gave up and put the numbering in as part of the entered text (to make matters worse the even if the numbering did work does not support multiple levels which makes outlining not very easy). After getting things looking somewhat reasonable I mistakenly tried to Preview it (with out copying it to the clip board) and the preview changed things around forcing me to re-edit the document almost from the beginning.

    IMO, in order to encourage its users to provide well documented technical postings this editor needs to be made a lot more user friendly. It's OK for small entries or where no formatting is desired but otherwise it leaves a lot to be desired, again IMO.

    The screen shots are an example
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