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Thread: LT_Renko_Tools used in BloodHound?

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    Fixed LT_Renko_Tools used in BloodHound?

    I licensed this new renko bar with no phantom prices and the associated LT_Renko_Tools when they first became available. So far I have been unable to make the Tools work in BloodHound. The indicator code v1.2 does indicate, I mean the plots do appear on the LT_Renko bars in charts. Yet, when the Tools are used as inputs in say a BloodHound Comparison solver, BloodHound acts like it can't process them. It acts like the code is protected even though BH can "see" the Plots and DataSeries it can't operate on them. What is the solution to this problem??????? The vendor has a video detailing how to use the Tools in BH, but the sequence of steps for configuring BH with these Tools doesn't work for me. It does work for the other indicators from the same vendor and from other vendors. Thanks for any tips. Specifically I am trying to recreate the first example of Liquidity in this video
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