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Thread: BH Racing stripe problem with vendor's signal

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    BH Racing stripe problem with vendor's signal

    I have an unusual problem with the racing stripes in Bloodhound. I've created a BH template that creates racing stripe buy sell signals based on a vendor's licensed proprietary indicator. The indicator appears to be Bloodhound compatible because BH racing stripes can be made to occur with it. The problem is in order to get them to appear on the chart's bars is the BH configuration window has to be open so the Behavior/Invert Output parameter can be toggled from FALSE to TRUE then to FALSE. Then the racing stripes appear on existing vendor signals. If a new vendor signal occurs at the right edge, a BH racing stripe won't appear until the BH Behavior/Invert Output is again toggled from False to True and True to False.

    BH Version

    NT8 Version 64 bit
    are being used.

    TickReplay is disabled.
    The vendor's indicator is set for update every tick.
    BloodHound is set for update every tick.
    The BH template is using the LookBack Function Node between the Result and the vendor signal node that uses a compare solver where Input A is the indicator and Input B Type is Fixed Value and Fixed Value = 0.

    LookBack Function node is Enabled True, Displacement = 0, Lookback Period = 1

    This trick with the LookBack function node is commonly used for signals configured for update every tick, but it doesn't work completely with this signal. First time I've seen it fail when signals occur on new bars. So it appears there is a timing problem between when the signal occurs and BloodHound sees it and generates a racing stripe.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Bob Roeske

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    Re: BH Racing stripe problem with vendor's signal

    Hi Bob,

    We've already discussed this through support email, but I did want to reply here for other users.

    The most likely reason for this behavior is a back-painting indicator. These types of indicators will alter their output after the fact, therefore live data from the indicator would not represent what is displayed on the chart.


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