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Thread: Getting session start in BH

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    Getting session start in BH

    I Would like to be able to define in BH when a session starts. I have tried using Timesession solved which seems to do the job but fails when its a year end or something similar i.e sessions tarts not at the usual time.

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    Re: Getting session start in BH

    Hi tkhan,

    Thanks for posting your question. An alternate way to limit your trading time is to use the SharkIndicators Time Block indicator found under the Tools section under SharkIndicators in the indicator list in NT8. You can define a start and end time and use the Between Times plot to limit your trades to those times. You can use the indicator in a Threshold or Comparison Solver. When Between Times is true it will produce a value of +1. If you have several time blocks throughout the day where trading can occur, you can make a couple solvers that identify those times and combine them using an Or Node.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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