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We are fortunate to be surrounded by trade coaches, indicator vendors, and system developers who use BloodHound & BlackBird every day to enhance their offerings.  We host webinar events to help the Shark community find more ways to use our tools, and May 2019 is packed full of these events!

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Take a look at the upcoming events and register for any (or all) that seem interesting to you.  Each one involves SharkIndicators products in some way, and have special offers, some of which are exclusive to these events. 

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Trading Using  Higher Time Frames; a Guide to Increase Theoretical High Win Percentages

Presenter: Rob MitchellMay 1
4:00PM EDT

01. Order flow secrets that can help get you into high probability Trading situations.

02. How higher time frames can predict movements in your faster charts.

03. Amazing strategy building secrets that are super simple and that work.

Rob is President of Axiom Research & Trading Inc. and the mother company to the OilTradingRoom.com and IndicatorSmart.com. Rob has been the largest Emini S&P trader in the world at various times and has won the prestigious Robbins World Cup Emini Trading Championship. He has been a trading system developer for nearly three decades. He is a proven researcher, trading educator, presenter, and mentor helping others to achieve their dreams as traders.

Event Ended
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Our new service, Remek! Market Intelligence, is the natural extension of our Blackbird-driven, momentum-based methodology embodied in our flagship product, Remek! Momentum Pro. With 2266 trades in our database and counting, what we do is firmly grounded in the reality of the markets. Join us and we’ll show you how to remove doubt and hesitation from your trading!

Presenter: Ferenc MeszarosMay 8
4:30PM EDT

01. Blackbird-driven Remek! Momentum Pro: simple concept, sophisticated implementation.

02. Why Remek! Momentum Pro and Remek! Market Intelligence is the best toolset you can find for successfully engaging with the markets.

Ferenc has 10 years of experience working in banking, on a large IT project for a major US company. He is an early adopter of BloodHound and has been designing and building systems for customers since 2011. 

Apart from running Remek!, he is also Visiting Lecturer at the Central European University in Budapest, and teaches Trading Strategy Design and Technology in the Masters in Finance and Masters in Business Analytics programs.

Event Ended
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TouchZone DayTrading 

More information to come.

Presenter: Steph ThomasMay 15
4:00PM EDT


Come learn how to rapidly prototype your trade signals without having to write a single line of code.  You won't want to miss this one!

Presenter: Jeremy and ZacMay 23
4:00PM EDT

01. What is BloodHound and how to maximize your entry consistency.

02. Getting the most from BloodHound's powerful visual prototyping design.

03. Special bundle offer for new users.

04.  Attendees will get the BloodHound file created live during the event.

SharkIndicators was founded in 2011 to provide tools to the trading community.  BloodHound makes it easy to build custom trade signals without having to learn coding (or hire a programmer).  BlackBird gives traders powerful trade management capabilities that haven't been availalbe on the NinjaTrader platform.

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All event descriptions were provided by their respective presenters.  They are subject to change and not guaranteed to be accurate.