Breakout Legends Strategy Pack

Are you a fan of trading the breakouts? If so, charge up your BloodHound Engines with our Breakout Legends Strategy Pack. We have taken 3 of the most distinguished, tried-and-tested breakout strategies and packaged them up for your convenience.

Each of these strategies has potential for quick gains, and offer limited risk when managed properly. Breakouts are often the starting point for major price trends, and occur in all types of market environments. It is no wonder breakouts trading is so popular among all types of traders.

Breakout trading is popular among all types of traders.

Your time is valuable. Our team did the research, built the indicators, and converted these popular systems into BloodHound for you, saving huge amounts time. On top of being designed by famed authors such as George Pruitt and Bill Williams, our Breakout Legends Strategy Pack also includes several custom built-in indicators, including the Adaptive Bollinger and Williams Fractal.

If any strategies will take advantage of the potential that breakouts offer, it is these three right here. . . Hence the name, Breakout Legends.

These strategy packs require an active license of BloodHound Ultimate to run.  Questions?  Contact us.
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Williams Fractal Trading

The Fractal system was created by Bill Williams Ph.D, a well known name in the industry. It uses a simplified fractal definition from his chaos-based trading methods. According to Dr. Williams, an “up fractal” is defined as a middle bar with two lower highs on each side of it. A “down fractal” would be a middle bar with two higher lows on each side of it. The Fractal 1 and Fractal 2 systems are based on a small portion of Dr. Williams’ fractal trading system.

Si Williams Fractal Trading wide

Keltner Signal (Standard)

Presented by Chester Keltner, the Keltner system looks for penetrating trend breakout situations. The system follows the near term trend to buy on strength and sell on weakness. Since this is a longterm approach, short-term profits are not an objective.

Si Keltner Signal (Standard)

Dynamic Break Out 2

The original design is by George Pruitt for Futures Magazine in 1996 called the Dynamic Break Out system. The newer Dynamic Break Out II system has the added ability to adapt its parameters to current price conditions. The system looks for a simultaneous breakout of the Donchain channel and Bollinger band indicators. The SiLookBackDays indicator automatically adjusts the periods to change with market volatility. When market volatility expands, so do the periods. Increased market volatility usually equates to market indecisiveness. By increasing the period value when market volatility increases, it becomes more difficult for the system to initiate a trade signal. Low volatility equates to a trending market and the period values are reduced to encourages the system to initiate a signal.

Si Dynamic Break Out 2

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We offer no guarantee of profit from any of our products; these packs are a tool for getting started with BloodHound.  See the risk disclosure.