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  • Derek D.

    BloodHound Ultimate Owner Since November 2014“One of the best Trading Products available. The support is amazing! I have been using Bloodhound for a few years, and I think I would have quit trading if I hadn’t found it. Probably the single best investment I ever made for my trading business!”

  • Frank G.

    BloodHound Ultimate Owner Since March 2015“I can finally do something long done by professional and commercial traders, which is applying automation to trading. I use BloodHound to automate my trading strategy while using BlackBird for trade entries, and profit & risk management. And, the best part is that all of this is done without needing any programming skills.”

  • David A.

    BloodHound & BlackBird Owner Since 2023“BloodHound is so powerful. I wish I knew about it years ago.”

  • Daniel D.

    BloodHound & BlackBird User Since 2020“Bloodhound has been huge for me because I can make it enter exactly where I want on an opening range breakout with no emotions. BlackBird’s ability to fire off additional orders based on unlimited criteria is great and the basically unlimited trailing options is awesome.”

  • Daniel R.

    BlackBird & BloodHound User Since 2016“The development team at SharkIndicators have really outdone themselves with BlackBird. I’ve been using BloodHound to rapidly develop and test trading system ideas since 2013, and the one piece that was always missing was the ability to setup more advanced rules for trade management (i.e., trailing stops and targets, scaling-in/scaling-out). BlackBird is the missing piece that, now, makes possible absolutely any set of order/money management rules I can imagine! I have created incredibly complex trailing stops and targets that I use every single trading day, and I’m still amazed by watching each trade play out exactly as I designed in BlackBird. There really is nothing even remotely like it! I only wish I would have had it years ago. Thank you so much, guys, for developing the most important trading software I own.”

  • Jamie H.

    BloodHound Ultimate User Since 2017“Your little piece of acrobatic software has changed my life. I used to think I understood the indicators I was using until I got into BloodHound & it made me realize I had arrived at competent incompetence. The aha moment was spine tingling for me. So I went back to studying, (setting aside trading for several months) and I feel like I am only scratching the surface of your software. BloodHound actually makes you study how different inflections and amplitudes affect a system. I cannot imagine trading without it, and I don’t know why I bought all these worthless indicators since the free ones work better in BloodHound. Again, thank you for coding that critter, and for sharing with us non-programmers.”

  • Jacqui P.

    BlackBird & BloodHound User Since 2022“I have already been testing Blackbird in Playback mode and am really impressed. There are so many useful features and options to employ. I should have purchased Blackbird a lot earlier. I had been using NT8’s ATM but not achieving the results I had planned.”

  • Nigel G.

    BlackBird & BloodHound User Since 2019“I love that BlackBird lets me trail my Entry. It lets me chase a downward trend. Brilliant!”

  • Jonathan G.

    BlackBird & BloodHound User Since 2023“I can’t believe I didn’t find it until now. Best hidden gem ever.”

  • Mike B.

    BlackBird & BloodHound User Since 2018“I am really happy with bloodhound and raven, I wish I had found this long time ago. The ability to just backtest is invaluable.”

  • G. M.

    Proud BloodHound User“Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the Blood Hound about 2 hours ago. Watched the videos and have created an indicator that is better than those that cost thousands of dollars to have programmed. Your system is the greatest addition that I have ever seen to any trading platform. I have never been able to write my own indicators until now. Your work is absolutely genius! Thank you so very much.”

  • O. D.

    BloodHound Ultimate User Since 2012“BloodHound & BlackBird are both awesome and I use them DAILY. I underestimated them and how much they would help me, but after I used them … now I can’t really trade without BloodHound giving me the alerts that I want and it highlighting some things for me! I use it for both trade entry alerts, as well as for highlighting certain things from an indicator. It has massively improved my trading… and I feel like I am only tapping into the surface of what Bloodhound can do. It really really is fantastic. Expensive… but freaking fantastic. And it is the CORRECT Price for what you get if I’m being honest.”

  • W. H.

    BlackBird & BloodHound User Since 2016“Bloodhound significantly reduces the time to find out which systems work and those that do not work. I can test new strategies without the cost of custom coding which by itself more than pays for the cost of Shark Indicator licensing fees.”

  • Vic N.

    BloodHound Ultimate User“I have been a Bloodhound Ultimate and Backtest Renko user for a couple of years now. I wouldn’t be trading now if I didn’t have these tools. Your support staff is also the best I have worked with.”

  • Ed A.

    BloodHound User Since 2013“Shark’s Bloodhound is the best tool I have come across in my 10 years of trading for developing your ideas for strategies to incorporate into your trading, whether automated or discretionary. I wish they were around when I first started out. I could have saved myself a bundle in research and development.”

  • S. R.

    BloodHound Ultimate Owner Since February 2015“I love BloodHound. I’ve been so unhappy with many 3rd party software out there for NT, but you guys are definitely the most Pro. I appreciate that so much!”

  • Paul S.

    BloodHound Ultimate Owner“Great charting and logic trading system. Great, prompt support. What more is there to say for any online business? Thanks, Zac and Jeremy for making trading profitable and fun.”

  • Steph T.

    BloodHound User Since 2015“I would recommend both BloodHound and the team at SharkIndicators to new and seasoned traders. Creating and backtesting a trading strategy that works for the individual trader is finally attainable and affordable. One of the best investments I have made in my trading career.”

  • Ernest

    BloodHound & BlackBird Owner Since 2019“I think bloodhound and blackbird are two of the most powerful addons ever created for trading. I’m a former programmer and the more I learn about bh and bb, the more amazing I realize it is.”

  • Randy O.

    BloodHound User Since 2013“BloodHound helps me easily find countless potential trade setups in minutes.”

  • Luis C.

    BloodHound User Since Nov 2014“I’m a big bloodhound fan […] won´t trade without it”

  • Ferenc M.

    BlackBird User Since 2016 “Retail traders of today have power like never before. Thanks to BlackBird, the technological gap between deep-pocketed megaplayers and everybody else seems smaller than ever. Blackbird is simply a tool that no retail trader should be without.”

  • Dan W.

    Happy BloodHound Ultimate User“This quickly became my favorite tool. I now spend minutes doing what used to take hours coding. The new logic nodes are fantastic. Keep up the good work.”

  • Rod C.

    Recent BloodHound Owner“As a guy with a bunch of trading system ideas, thoughts, and theories constantly swirling around my head, it’s great to have a tool like Bloodhound to get them from paper to platform (Ninja) in a fraction of the time it used to take me to have them scripted and coded the traditional route. I’ve literally gone from concept to testing of some rather sophisticated systems in less than an hour.”

  • Patrick H.

    Recent BloodHound Trial User“I have had some very complex code that I have written over the last three years. But as a brand new person to the software today, I busted out all my buy signals in less than two hours! Looking forward to see what all your other stuff can do.”