Trade Management Packs

Finally, pre-made template packs for BlackBird!

When it comes to successful trade management settings, why start from scratch?  Developing a personal set of rules that work best for your live trading is the end goal… and we’ve got the solution to help get the ball rolling.

The Trade Management Packs were designed to give traders a leg up on learning how BlackBird functions. Each pack is equipped with rule sets to match your specific style of trade management approach, such as pre-set stop loss & profit target locations.

Because... as you know, entries & exits are only half of the equation.

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These Trade Management Packs offer a great starting point for BlackBird. They're fully open and customizable so you can tweak them to your trading style and goals. Requires a license of BlackBird. Questions? Contact us.

We offer no guarantee of profit from any of our products; these packs are a tool only to help learn BlackBird.  See the risk disclosure.