Mighty Scalper's Pack

Scalping is fast and furious. As you know, it requires quick reflexes and tremendous focus. With BlackBird and this Mighty Scalper’s Pack, you can take advantage of robotic speed & precision.

Enter the market at your discretion, and let the computer do all of the hard work. If there was ever a job for your computer, this would be it.

  • ATR Volatility

    Uses the ATR to increase / decrease the target distances as volatility expands or contracts. Several BB templates to fit different stop loss styles ("Fast and Firm", "Fast and Flexible", "Fast and Tight").

  • Fully Customizable

    All settings available to tweak. This lets you customize the trade management rules to your style, risk tolerance, and trading goals.

  • Comes With

    • BlackBird Template Files
    • Ninja Chart Templates
    • Ninja Workspaces
    • Documentation PDF
    • Video Guides

Buy Now - Only $199
These Trade Management Packs offer a great starting point for BlackBird. They're fully open and customizable so you can tweak them to your trading style and goals. Requires a license of BlackBird. Questions? Contact us.

We offer no guarantee of profit from any of our products; these packs are a tool for getting started with BlackBird.  See the risk disclosure.