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  • Create trade signals with your own criteria, no code required.
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Professionals & Amateurs: What sets them apart?

Truth is, there is no magic system out there that top traders have. It’s their behavior that sets them apart. It’s the attitude of constant improvement and iteration. They always look for the best trade setups, not by hoping, but by trying until something sticks.

BloodHound makes this process easy.

Research & Iteration

  • Build Your System
  • Backtest & Iterate
  • Trade with more peace of mind.

Shooting From The Hip

Iteration is key in finding your own trading system. Those who fail to do so, are shooting from the hip… which is no way to protect your hard earned money.

BloodHound allows you to make changes to your strategy in real time , all while maintaining complete trade signal clarity.

Unparalleled Flexibility

  • Quick & Easy Node Building System
  • 3rd Party Indicator Compatibility
  • Instant W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G Feedback


Time Is Money

You wouldn’t fly with an untested pilot…
So why trade an untested system?

So many traders do because of how time consuming backtesting is… or was.

With BloodHound, what once took days is now achievable in minutes!

Don’t Just Talk About It…
Be About It.

  • Bring Trading Ideas To Life
  • Discover Which Trades Make Money
  • Execute With Accuracy
Building trade systems is finally

But I’m already a coder.   Why would I need this?

The answer is simple: SPEED. In the time it takes to manually design, code, test and debug your first crack at a trade system you could be on your 25th iteration with BloodHound. And if you still need to custom code additional logic, integrating it with BloodHound is fast and easy. You get the best of both worlds: ultimate customization + BloodHound’s speed and flexibility.

Want to learn more? Dive deeper in the documentation and the getting started guide.

30-Day Free Trial

The trial runs with all the features of the BloodHound Ultimate edition for 30 days (with the exception of live trading). This is known as “Full Trial” mode.

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  • “I have been a BloodHound Ultimate and Backtest Renko user for a couple of years now. I wouldn’t be trading now if I didn’t have these tools. Your support staff is also the best I have worked with.” -Vic N
  • “Great charting and logic trading system. Great, prompt support. What more is there to say for any online business? Thanks, Zac and Jeremy for making trading profitable and fun.” -Paul S
  • “The best tool I’ve come across in my 10 years of trading. I wish they were around when I first started out. I could have saved myself a bundle in research and development.” -Ed A
  • “SharkIndicators’ BloodHound is in a class of its own. It can empower your signal strategy creation in NinjaTrader without becoming a C# programmer.” -Bob R
  • “Very intuitive even with minimal programming experience. I can encode exactly what I want & significantly cut costs. BloodHound works exactly as advertised. I’m very happy w/ the product.” -Fred E
  • “I think I would have quit trading if not for BloodHound. Probably the best decision I have ever made for my trading business.” -Derek D

Email Support

Unlimited email support to answer any questions you have.  We get a lot of “how do I…” and “where is the…” questions.  Bring ’em on.

Weekly Live Training

Each week licensed customers can join us for the weekly live workshop.  Ask questions and watch as advanced systems are built from scratch.

Training Materials

Documentation, videos, and webinars are all
available for traders to get the absolute
most out of BloodHound.

See For Yourself

 Build your system, test it, and trade it. It’s up to you to find the winners.