Getting Started Guide

Pro tip: The menu on the left provides documentation and examples for each component of BloodHound & BlackBird.

Quick Start Videos

These first few videos are a good way to get started learning SharkIndicators. From installation, building a basic system, and backtesting it.

1. Installation and Setup


For best results, watch in HD 1080p and full screen.

2. Add BloodHound to a Chart

Put BloodHound on a chart and get a glimpse of the signals.


3. Creating a Basic System

Learn the basics of navigating the BloodHound interface. Use the Crossover Solver and Comparison Solver to create a basic signal system.


4. Using Multiple Timeframes

It can be useful to pull in data from other charts into the same BloodHound system. This can be done easily, and here’s a basic example.


5. BlackBird for Trade Management

Now it’s time to add BlackBird to the chart. It can be used for trade management by itself, or as a powerful partner with BloodHound for semi- or full automation.


6. Order Trailing Actions

Let’s add a 2nd order set and discuss the powerful Trailing Action rules.


7. Backtesting with BloodHound & BlackBird Together

Using both tools together, we can start testing our trade system.

COMING SOON: Adding automation by incorporating BloodHound signals, and backtesting


8. The “Backtest Loop”

Next we’ll tweak our system and run comparable backtests to see if we’re moving in the right direction. Also let’s talk about some best practices and drawbacks of NinjaTrader’s backtesting engine.

COMING SOON: Tweaking the backtest in both BloodHound & BlackBird, limitations of backtesting, and benefits of Playback connection for this. Also since this is about the “backtesting loop” let’s add something interesting to the BloodHound signal rules.


9. Trade Management Buttons

BlackBird has some powerful trade management tools available for automated traders. Let’s discuss a few fun tweaks we can add to our system, and also the scheduler.

COMING SOON: Management Buttons and Scheduler


10. Advanced Trailing Actions

The order trailing action rules open up a tremendous amount of creativity in how your trades can play out. We can’t cover everything quickly, but let’s see some interesting examples.

COMING SOON: More advanced trailing action examples

Further Learning

These videos have just scratched the surface of what’s possible. There are tons of resources available for further learning:


General video on additional resources:
– Workshop and videos
– Documentation
– Contact support
– 1-on-1 training