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BlackBird & BloodHound are revolutionary technologies helping everyday traders manage today's complex markets.
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BlackBird Manages Your Trades 360°

BlackBird handles money management, risk management, and order management while keeping you in total control.

Industry's First
Intelligent Trade Manager


The Power To Mimic
Seasoned Professionals

Unparalleled Simplicity
& Flexibility


Industry Recognized
Customer Service

Risk Management

Pre-Program Order Movement

Enhanced Position Scaling

Limitless User Capabilites

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Money Management

High-Water Mark Profit Protection

Limit Your Account Exposure 

  Account Oversight Capabilities

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Trade Management

 Dynamic Planning

Entry, Profit, & Stop-loss Management

Unlimited Stop-loss Trailing Rules

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BloodHound Helps You Find What To Trade

BloodHound is a no-code system builder.  It helps you design, backtest, and trade any system with ease.

Model Any Trade System
& Verify Its Performance


Execute Trades With Total Accuracy

Discover Which Trades
Make Money


Top NinjaTrader Vendor

Clear-Cut Trade Signals

Achieve Trade Signal Clarity

Utilize  Computer Accuracy

Bring Trading Ideas to Life

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Validate Your System

Backtest for Confidence

Focus on Improvements.  Not Wondering

  Trade with Peace of Mind

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Plan Your System

 Quick & Easy Node Building System

Instant On-Chart W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G Feedback

Custom & 3rd Party Indicator Compatible

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Unlimited Email Support

Detailed Training Materials


Weekly Live Workshops

  • "I think I would have quit trading if not for Bloodhound. Probably the best investment I ever made for my trading business!" Derek D - BloodHound Ultimate owner since November 2014 - More testimonials…

  • "Based upon what SI has done with Bloodhound, I believe Blackbird will meet and even exceed my expectations when the completed product is announced and available." Frank G - BloodHound Ultimate owner since March 2015 - More testimonials…

  • "With removing the emotion, and trading only the best strategies, my trading is now more profitable and consistent than ever." Proud BloodHound Ultimate owner since 2013 - More testimonials…

Frequently  Asked  Questions

Is there a demo I can see?

How can I learn to use BloodHound and BlackBird?

The Getting Started training materials open in a web browser when you install the software. We also hold weekly live workshops free for all customers. Unlimited email support is also available before and after purchase.

We offer 1-on-1 training by the hour where we connect with you and use your trading ideas as a basis for the training. For more info on that, just ask us.

Why do I need BloodHound?

BloodHound helps you quickly find out whether your system is profitable. Build your system, test it, and trade. It makes it easy for you to adopt the habits of the best traders in the industry.   Learn more ≫

Why do I need BlackBird?

BlackBird manages every aspect of your trades to reduce your workload (trading is hard enough without having to figure out risk/reward on the fly).   Learn more ≫