BloodHound Getting Started Guide

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The menu links on the left provide documentation and examples for each component of BloodHound.

Quick Start Videos

These first few videos are a good way to get started learning BloodHound. From installation, building a basic system, and backtesting it.

1. Installation and Setup

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to expand the size.  Watch in HD 1080p for best results.

2. Creating a Basic System

Learn the basics of navigating the BloodHound interface. Use the Crossover Solver and Comparison Solver to create a basic signal system.

3. Using Multiple Timeframes

It can be useful to pull in data from other charts into the same BloodHound system. This can be done easily, and here’s a basic example of how to do it.

4. Backtesting with Raven

Now it’s time to backtest our trade signals, to see how it would have performed. This uses the Strategy component called Raven, which comes free with BloodHound.

Alternative: Now that BlackBird has outweighed Raven’s popularity, we are working on a video series for that instead. In the mean time, we suggest watching the in-depth demo of BH & BB together and here’s a quick demonstration of backtesting with BlackBird.

Also see the huge variety of ways people use BlackBird here:

In case you’re wondering: Raven comes free with BloodHound. BlackBird is a premium product that we sell separately, and has a nice bundle price when purchased with BloodHound. Most people now buy the bundle to get all the trade automation features that we offer.

We’re still working on the next few videos in this “Getting Started” series. In the mean time, check out the workshop videos for a huge variety of examples from real world customers…

How to Determine Trend Direction – Part 1

Determining the overall direction of the market trend is one of the most important steps to trading successfully. We look at some of the most common ways to determine trend direction, starting with the slope analysis of a moving average in this video.

BloodHound Template    Save to: …/Documents/NinjaTrader 7/templates/BloodHound/
NT Chart Template            Save to: …/Documents/NinjaTrader 7/templates/Chart/

How to Determine Trend Direction – Part 2

We continue to look at other methods to determine the overall trend using BloodHound. We compare the closing price against a moving average, and also examine the slope of the linear regression channel.

BloodHound Template    Save to: …/Documents/NinjaTrader 7/templates/BloodHound/
NT Chart Template            Save to: …/Documents/NinjaTrader 7/templates/Chart/

Price Bar Solvers

Study the Bar Direction and Bar Length solvers in depth. Discover how to invert a solver’s output and learn how to describe a measurement in BloodHound.

Logic Nodes In-Depth

Learn the building blocks of a logic template: the AND, OR, Additive and Ratio nodes, and how they calculate their output values. Learn which trade systems make best use of BloodHound’s powerful Additive and Ratio nodes.

Time to Learn the Solvers

Now that you have had an introduction to using BloodHound, it’s time to learn what each of the Solvers do.  Follow the link below to continue your education.

#2   Solvers & Fuzzy Logic