Indicators That Work With BloodHound

This page provides a list of 3rd party indicators that are known to work with BloodHound.  This information is gathered from customers and partner collaboration.  SharkIndicators does not actively test indicators.  The information is not guaranteed as indicators are updated all the time.  If you know of any indicators that work with BloodHound we would appreciate hearing from you, and helping out your fellow BloodHound owners.  Thank you.

This Tips & Tricks video How to analyze custom indicators in BloodHound was created to help you determine if an indicator will work (share its data) with BloodHound.

Important: This list is not exhaustive. There are MANY 3rd party indicators that work perfectly well with BloodHound & BlackBird which are not mentioned here.

NinjaTrader 8   Indicators

NinjaTrader 7   Indicators

1. Different indicator versions may stop working with BloodHound.