3rd Party Indicators

Will Your Custom Indicator Work with BloodHound

BloodHound can read 3rd-party indicators, provided they expose their data using NinjaTrader's recommended Plot and/or a Series<T> as specified in their Help Guide.  BloodHound does not require special coding by 3rd-party indicators to read them.  As long as the indicator is programmed in accordance with NinjaTrader's built-in indicator it will be readable by BloodHound.
Unfortunately, you will find that some vendors do not want their indicator used for automation and have taken steps to insure their indicator is not readable.  We are not able to comment on any particular indicator, because we have no way of knowing how the author programmed it.  Nor will other vendors give us their indicators for testing.

How to Test an Indicator

This video demonstrates various ways to test a 3rd-party indicator with BloodHound...

Another way to test an indicator is to use NinjaTrader's built-in Strategy Builder application.  If the Strategy Build an read the indicator then BloodHound can read it too.
Generally speaking, if an indicator is not readable by BloodHound or the NinjaTrader Strategy Builder, then it is not readable and thus can not be used to build an automated system.  You may kindly ask the indicator's developer to follow NinjaTrader's 'Best Practices for Distribution', and expose the data for BloodHound.   See 'Expose Indicator States' at the bottom... https://ninjatrader.com/support/helpGuides/nt8/best_practices.htm

BloodHound has an unlimited trial period, allowing for indicator testing before you purchase.  More information on our trial can be found here...  https://www.sharkindicators.com/bloodhound/trial-info/

Developing for BloodHound:  This document page helps programmers understand why their indicator may not be working in BloodHound...  https://www.sharkindicators.com/documentation/error-codes/

Indicators That Don’t Play Well With Others

This page provides a list of 3rd party indicators that do not share their  data with other indicators (or strategies), and therefore do not work with BloodHound.

Indicators That Work With BloodHound

This page provides a list of 3rd party indicators that are known to work with BloodHound.  This information is gathered from customer and partner collaboration.