We consumers are obsessed with the phrase “made from scratch.” From breakfast biscuits to modern architecture, we constantly strive to build things from the ground up. It should be the same with trading right?…Wrong. In fact, 90% of traders stumble and fall because of this mindset. When it comes to trading a profitable strategy… why reinvent the wheel?

Sure, constructing your own effective system is the end goal, but why not familiarize yourself with a few renowned strategies to hit the ground running? After all, these strategies are well-known for a reason. Any professional will tell you, if you have the chance to learn from those who have already thrived… take that opportunity.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Give your trading engines a boost with our Advanced Strategy Packs. Each grouping comes with 3 tried-and-tested trading systems as well as custom indicators, all created and traded by distinguished figures in the industry.

These strategy packs require an active license of BloodHound Ultimate to run.  Questions?  Contact us.
The Advanced Strategy Packs can be thought of as a good starting point for someone trying to learn BloodHound and build a system. They provide a framework based on popular systems that you can then build further to fit the needs of your specific style of trading.

We offer no guarantee of profit from any of our products; these packs are a tool for getting started with BloodHound.  See the risk disclosure.