Trend Riders Strategy Pack

Are you more of the “in it for the long haul” type of trader? If so, take a look at the Trend Riders Strategy Pack. This pack is developed for continuation traders who enjoy the thrill of that huge win.

Continuation style strategies are built for those who know that the trend is their friend, and love to run with the “smart money.” These 3 particular systems specialize in getting you in when the conditions are just right. This style of approach may include taking a few small hits along the way, but even scaling up a mountain involves regressing at certain points in the path.

traders who enjoy the thrill of that huge win

Your time is valuable. Our team did the research, built the indicators, and converted these popular systems into BloodHound for you, saving huge amounts time. The Trend Riders Strategy Pack includes custom built indicators (Elder Ray Index), and trading methodologies from esteemed authors like Tushar Chande in an easy to use BloodHound template.

These strategy packs require an active license of BloodHound Ultimate to run.  Questions?  Contact us.
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Bull vs. Bear Power

The Bull vs. Bear Power system was created by Alexander Elder and is based on his Elder Ray Index (SiERI) indicator. The Elder Ray Index shows the Bull Power vs. Bear Power concept. Bull Power indicates upward strength and Bear Power indicates downward strength. This simple concept that Mr. Elder developed keeps you on the right side of the trend.

Bull vs Bear Power

Chande Forecast Oscillator

The Forecast Oscillator was developed by Tushar Chande and is based on the Linear Regression indicator. Mr. Chande designed a set of rules using his Forecast Oscillator that helped him predict a change in trend direction.

Chande Forecast Oscillator

Percentage Price Oscillator

The Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) is a momentum based oscillator much like the MACD, but with a significant improvement. The PPO is normalized across all instrument prices, making it very easy to compare the momentum’s of correlated instruments. This allows the PPO of one instrument to be directly compared to the PPO of any other instrument. This system follows momentum, which follows the crowd.

Percentage Price Oscillator

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We offer no guarantee of profit from any of our products; these packs are a tool for getting started with BloodHound.  See the risk disclosure.