Chart Panels

These various integrated display windows are referred to as chart panels.  These panels provide various UI controls and/or information.  The exhibits below explain what each panel does.  The panels are dockable (a.k.a. docking panels), meaning they can be moved and snapped to any location within the chart window or even moved outside of the chart, for a customized look to suit your preferences.

BlackBird Layout Button

The BlackBird Layout button provides management tools for the chart panels.  This is where panels are turned on or off, and a custom layout can be saved or loaded.

Trade Controls Panel

The Trade Controls panel is used to enable/disable automated trading, manually place trades, and close out trades.  If this panel looks grayed-out that means no Order Set is defined in the Order Settings window.

Info Panel

The Info panel provides trade position status and market Bid/Ask data.  You may notice a tick difference in the PnL display between the DOM and the Info panel.  Differences can also be seen between the DOM and NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader.  These differences are due to NinjaTrader’s framework.

Settings Panel

The Settings panel displays the settings file name in the top area, and provides access to the Order Settings interface.

Dynamic Planning Panel

Please see the Dynamic Planning page.

Order Monitor Panel

The Order Monitor panel displays the current order status, and order control buttons.

Performance Panel

The Performance panel displays common trade statistics for the current day.  More detailed statistics can be found in NinjaTrader’s Strategy Performance report.