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Indicator Crossover Solver

The Indicator Crossover solver generates a favorable output (signal) when Indicator A crossesIndicator B.  The signal is given in the direction of the Indicator A.  I.E. if Indicator A crosses aboveIndicator B then a Long signal is given.


Input A

Input B


Output A Crosses B

Video Tutorial

This video is from our weekly Workshop on June 12th, 2015.
For more benefit please watch in full screen mode, as this video is recorded in HD.


Example 1: The Basics

This demonstrates the basic function of Indicator Crossover solver with the use of a 10 SMA & 30 EMA.

  • Add the Indicator Crossover solver
  • Set Indicator A to SMA 10
  • Set Indicator B to EMA 30

The chart below shows a Long signal when the SMA 10 crosses above the EMA 30, and a Short signal when the SMA 10 crosses below the EMA 30.

Example 2: Threshold Filter

This example uses the Stochastic K crossing the D.  Longs are permitted when the Stochastic D is below 45, and Shorts are permitted when the Stochastic D is above 55.

  • Add the Indicator Crossover solver
  • Set Indicator A to Stochastic K
  • Set Indicator B to Stochastic D

  • Add the Indicator Threshold solver (the permissive)
  • Set Indicator to Stochastic D
  • Set Threshold A to 100, B to 55, C to 45, D to 0
  • Set Long Output At C & At D to 1
  • Set Short Output At A & At B to 1

The left chart shows the Indicator Crossover solver only.  The right chart shows the Indicator Threshold solver only.

The chart below has both solvers enabled showing the signals as described above.  Notice in this simple 2 solver system that the Threshold solver output is seen showing the permissive for Longs or Shorts.

Example 3: AND Logic Node

Now lets use a AND logic node to observe how the output values change.

  • Switch to the Logic tab, and click New
  • Add a AND logic node
  • Connect the leaders as shown

Here we see the AND node gives an output only when both solvers have an output in the same direction.