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Installation, Licensing, & Updates

Prerequisite:  Install  NinjaTrader First

SharkIndicators software is an add-on for the NinjaTrader platform. NinjaTrader is free to use while learning, and extremely powerful charting platform.

Skip this step if you already have NinjaTrader installed.

NinjaTrader must be installed first. Use the button below to get NinjaTrader installed.

  Get   NinjaTrader  8

If you are new to NinjaTrader , we recommend you get started by familiarizing yourself with it before diving into our software.   Click here for NinjaTrader Training & Education Center


All SharkIndicators products are packaged in one single installation file.

  1. Begin by Closing NinjaTrader.
  2. Click the button to download the SharkIndicators Installer:
    Download       Installer for NT 8
    NT8 Current Version:
    Download       Installer for NT 7
    NT7 Current Version:   1.233.6751.22630
  3. Once the downloading is finished, run the Installer.
  4. Accept the license agreement, then click Next.
  5. Uncheck any software products you do not want installed. See image to the right.
    Developer Extensions
     Only software developers who know what developer extensions are should check this item.  SharkIndicators does not provide support for this item or software development.
    Then continue the process until it is finished.
  6. Open NinjaTrader when finished.
    Please Note: There is no .zip file to import.

BloodHound training material can be found here, Getting Started.
In the unlikely event you encounter an issue installing BloodHound, please visit our support page and provide the error message given.

The free trial version
and the licensed version use the same Installer file. The free trial does not have a license. Entering your License ID converts the software to the fully licensed version. Our software does not use a NinjaTrader Machine ID.

All licensing functionality can be accessed from either the BloodHound or BlackBird interface. Click the Help menu » Manage License option.  A License ID number can activate the software on two machines (E.G. your main trading computers and a backup/testing computer).  If you ever need to transfer your license to a new computer, or have issues and need to re-install NinjaTrader, please see Transferring to Another Computer or Recover a Lost Activation After a Crash sections below.

How does Licensing Activation Work?

Each software purchase comes with a License ID, and each License ID has two activations. An activation is tied to the computers hardware and software. Therefore, reinstalling Microsoft Windows, NinjaTrader, or changing a major piece of hardware, such as the video card or hard drive, will invalidate the activation. Changing other computer components may do the same. Before reinstalling software or changing any piece of hardware please see Transferring to Another Computer. How to deactivate your license… sections below.
When running in a virtual machine (E.G. VMware, VirtualBox) the software instantly defaults to Restricted Trial mode . There is no 30 day Full Trial mode period in a virtual machine. An activation is required.


BloodHound, BlackBird, & HeatMap Licensing

You may have noticed the Installer requires BloodHound to be installed.  That is because BloodHound provides access to the licensing manager for some products that do not have a Help menu for the Licensing Manager.  BloodHound always provides access to the licensing manager.

  1.   Add SiBloodHound to a chart, from NinjaTrader’s Indicator window.
  2.   If the Licensing splash screen opens, click the Manage License button, and skip down to step 4.
    Otherwise, click the button on the top of the chart titled “<Empty Template>”.
    BloodHound Interface button
  3.   BloodHound’s interface will open. Click Help, and then Manage License.
    Manage License
  4.   Select the product you are licensing.
    Licensing Manager
  5.   Enter your License ID and Password (sent to you via email after your purchase) in the following window.
    Entering License Information
  6.   Enter a computer description in the Installation Name: field. (I.E. Main desktop, Backup, or Laptop) This will help us recover your lost activation if Windows or your computer crashes.

This short video will demonstrate how to enter your license information for the first time.

Chart Bar Licensing

If you have not installed the chart bars please follow the Installation guide above to install them.
NT 8:  For existing bar owner, a new License ID is needed for NT 8.  Please email support for assistance.

  1. Re-start NinjaTrader.
  2. Open a new chart and set the DataSeries to the Si bar type you purchased.  This will open the Licensing splash window. (See image)
  3. Click the Manage button.
  4. Enter your License ID and password.  If the License Manager does not open, you will need to connect to your Data Feed.


SharkIndicators software will check for advertised updates automatically. Minor updates are not pushed out to the software, meaning the software will not notify you of this update. You can check for minor updates by visiting the Changelog page listed at the bottom of this page.

Checking for Advertised Updates:

  1. Open the BloodHound interface.
  2. Click Help, and then Check For Updates.
  3. Manage License

  4. If an update is found follow the notification window prompt which will open a web page to download the SharkIndicators Installer.  Click the download button in the web page.
  5. Close NinjaTrader.
  6. Run the installer.
  7. Accept the license agreement, then click Next.  Continue the process until it is finished.
  8. Open NinjaTrader when finished.  Please Note: There is no .zip file to import.

Checking for Minor Updates:

Simply download a new SharkIndicators Installer file and install it over your current version.  See the Installation guide above.

Errors After Updating

After installing an update, if you find that NinjaTrader is giving De-serialization errors, you can clear these errors by simply and safely deleting the following NinjaTrader ‘Set Default’ files:

In your …Documents\NinjaTrader 7\templates\Indicator…  folder:

  • SiBloodHound.xml

In your …Documents\NinjaTrader 7\templates\Strategy…  folder:

  • SiRaven.xml
  • SiBlackBird.xml

These files store “default” settings for your indicator or strategy.  Since properties within BloodHound and Raven may have changed, the older settings file created by NinjaTrader will cause this issue.

Refresh a License

If your license has been updated and the software has not recognized the change yet:

  1. BloodHound:  Click the button on the top of the chart to open the interface.
    BlackBird:  Click the Order Settings button.
  2. Click Help, and then Manage License.
  3. Select the software to refresh.
  4. Click “Refresh my license”. Then click Next

Transferring to Another Computer

How to deactivate your license so it can be moved to another computer.  Our software licensing does Not use NinjaTrader’s Machine ID.  Instead, it uses an activation process that allows you to activate or deactivate a computer whenever you need, so that you do not have to wait for us to make the change.  Only 8 deactivation are allowed per license to help prevent fraud and sharing.  If you have moved your license more than 8 time please contact support for assistance.

  1. Open BloodHound’s interface.
  2. Click Help, and then Manage License.
  3. Select the software product to deactivate.
  4. Click “Deactivate this workstation”. Then click Next
  5. Repeat this process to deactivate every licensed product.

On the computer you are moving the license to, follow the Licensing instructions above.

This short video will demonstrate how to deactivate a licensed computer.

Recover a Lost Activation After a Crash

IF you are receiving “Error 5013: No Remaining Activations” please send an email to support.at.sharkindicators.com with your License ID.  If you have a second computer with BloodHound, follow the steps below on your second computer.

  1. Open BloodHound’s interface.
  2. Click Help, and then Manage License.
  3. Select the software products lost on the other machine.
  4. Send us the Installation ID and Installation Name, so we do not accidentally deactivate it.

Removal / Uninstall

To remove the SharkIndicators software from NinjaTrader:

  1. If you are going to re-install the software right afterward then skip down to step 4.
    Before uninstalling the software, open NinjaTrader and deactivate all your SharkIndicator licenses.
  2. Ensure that BloodHound and any other Si indicators are removed from all charts.
  3. Close NinjaTrader.  NOTE to Anyone Coding NinjaScript Strategies:  Delete All BloodHound sample strategy files located in: …\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\Strategy\  folder (such as SiBloodHoundStrategyExample.cs).  Also, delete any other BloodHound strategies that you may have imported or created.  All custom strategies and indicators that make reference to or use of BloodHound must be removed.
  4. Open the Windows Settings(Win 10) or  Windows Control Panel(Win 7).
  5. Open ‘Apps’ (Win 10) or ‘Programs and Features’ (Win 7) .
  6. Locate and select SharkIndicator, then click Uninstall.


Error 5013: No Remaining Activations

SharkIndicators software can be activated on two computer simultaneously.  Receiving this error means you have already activated our software on two computers.  One of those computers must be deactivated.  Below are two possibilities of what to do.

If you had computer problems and had to re-install Windows or NinjaTrader, and you are not able to license BloodHound, then please follow the steps above: Recover a Lost Activation After a Crash

If you purchased a new computer and trying to license SharkIndicators software on it, you must deactivate the software on one of your other computers.  If you no longer have access to the old computer then please follow the steps above: Recover a Lost Activation After a Crash

Error 5010: Invalid ProductID

Every SharkIndicator product has a unique License ID number. The email you received with your License ID can only license the software stated in the email. For example, a License ID for BloodHound will only license BloodHound, and can not be used to license a Si-Renko bar or other product.


Error 5016: Deactivated Installation

This will occur if you have communicated with us to deactivate all or a previous computer.  To remedy this, send us an email with your License ID, a copy of this error, and the Installation ID.  We will then enable the computer again.  Keep in mind, only two computer can be activated at the same time.  If you currently have two computers activated you will need to deactivate one of them first.

Previous Versions & Changelog

Changelog:  This page has a list of all notable changes such as new features, improvement, and bug fixes.

Known Issues for NT 8

Known Issues:  This page contains a list of software issues for our NinjaTrader 8 version.