Updates  Period

Previously called Maintenance Period.

BloodHound (BH) and BlackBird (BB) come with 1 year of free updates.  During that time you can upgrade to the latest software update/version.  After the 1 year period expires, you can continue to use the latest version that was released up to your Update Period end date for as long as you want, with no additional restrictions or cost from SharkIndicators.  See the Forgoing an Updates Extension section below for more info.

You have the option to purchase another 1 year of updates if you would like to use the latest improvements and updates as they are released.  To do that, please contact us to obtain the appropriate purchase link.  Please note:  BloodHound & BlackBird must be updated together since they share common code.  Because of this, if you own both products, we offer a bundle discount on the combined Update Period purchase.

Why the Updates Period?

Simply put, programmers will not work for free.  BH and BB are constantly being enhanced with new abilities, features, and improvements.  Those updates require programmers to be paid.  While 99% of indicators never change or only get a minor update, and thus no more programmer costs or maybe a minor one, but not BH and BB.  BH and BB are constantly evolving programs, unlike the typical fixed formula indicator.

It is a trade-off.  The Update Period allows us to cut the initial cost in half, and gives customers the flexibility and freedom to only purchase updates if they want to.  This also cuts the upgrade cost when the next major version of NinjaTrader is released (e.g. NT 9).  Instead of having to purchase a new indicator version, like other indicator vendors do, a low cost Update Period purchase is all that’s needed to get BH and BB for the next major NinjaTrader version.  Otherwise, the cost would have to be double to pay for the ongoing improvements and updates our programmers spend time working on.  If you would like to upgrade to a Lifetime of Updates version then please contact us for more info.

If you have ever purchased an indicator from some other 3rd party, you probably realize the typical indicator never gets updated.  Once the indicator formula has been coded it does not need to be changed or updated, which makes sense.  Because our software is very dynamic, we are regularly releasing updates. Although we can’t guarantee an update schedule, we are very motivated to continue improving our products.  You can review the Changelog page to see a list of the most notable updates our software has incurred.

After Purchasing an Updates Extension

After your purchase is complete, it may take up to an hour for the system to update your license on the server.  Once that is complete, you can refresh your license to recognize the change.  Follow this link to learn how to refresh your license… Refreshing a License

Forgoing an Updates Extension

If you decide not to purchase an Updates Period and would like to continue using the software, simply install the latest version that was released prior to your Updates Period expiration date.  The link below (Previous Versions & Changelog Page) contains a list of prior versions based on the date they were released.  For example, if your maintenance period expired on November 10, 2019 then you should use version which was released in October 2019.   If you’re not sure what version to use, contact us
Previous Versions & Changelog Page

NinjaTrader Updates

Please note:  From time to time, NinjaTrader makes code breaking changes that requires vendors to update their indicators and/or strategies.  When this happens SharkIndicators addresses those changes in a new software version release.  Just as NinjaTrades does not update older versions of their software, we do not update older versions of our software.


When you try to use a version of BloodHound that was released after your maintenance period expired, you may see this notification message on your chart:

(click image to enlarge)