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NinjaTrader 8


This is an addition to update 8.1.13

Improvements & Fixes


  • #1004  Fixed the pull-down menu item <Use Chart Pull Down> for the BloodHound signals » Entry Signal Template option.
  • #1006  Fixed an issue where the total number of contracts shown was incorrect in the Order Monitor panel when using the Scale-in button, to add additional contracts to an open position.
  • #1007  Improved the Order Monitor panel » Breakeven buttons to function during the life of the trade.  Previously, clicking the Breakeven button only worked once per trade.  Now, if you move a stop-loss to breakeven, and then move it away from the market, the Breakeven button can be used again to move the stop-loss back to breakeven.
  • #1020  Added the ability to recognize Volumetric bars.  Previously, if a BloodHound template was using Volumetric bars it would not properly load into BlackBird.



This is an addition to update 8.1.13

Improvements & Fixes


  • #986  This fixes a false positive infinite Reload(F5) request by BlackBird and Raven when the BloodHound template is using a MTF indicator. The Reload(F5) message is only requested once per BloodHound template. Please note, if the BloodHound template is modified or a new template file is loaded, a Reload (F5) is required again.
  • #987  This fixes an ArgumentOutOfRangeException error when certain BloodHound templates are loaded.
  • #1005  This correctes using the Scale-In bottom causing the Order Monitor panel to incorrectly display ‘Pending’ for the entry order.
  • #1035  This fixes the Market Info panel display issue when BloodHound utilizes MTF.



This update focuses on improvements and fixes for BlackBird, plus some improvements to BloodHound.  More updates are still planned for monthly or bi-monthly releases as we add new features and enhancements.
PLEASE NOTE:  Do Not use Tick Replay with this version. Tick Replay will cause issues with BloodHound.  This will be researched in the coming months.

Improvements & Fixes


  • #1016  Removed a NT 7 test for bars being received in the wrong order, when running on live data.  This test, in NT 8, was causing false positive warning messages “Due to a NinjaTrader exception, BloodHound detected out of order bars, recalculations of…”.
  • #849  Addressed a specific situation with MTF indicators that could cause BloodHound to go into an infinite Reload(F5) request loop.
  • #1022  Enhancement to Time Session solver.  The Time Session solver no longer uses NinjaTrader’s Trading Hours sessions.  It now uses a custom UI, and saves custom session times in the BloodHound file.  This means custom session times can be opened by any computer without needing to have the custom Trading Hours sessions stored in NinjaTrader’s database.
  • #1029  The visual impairment to the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons, for NinjaTrader windows, has been corrected.  This also corrects impairment to other 3rd party indicators that utilize System.Windows.Controls.Grid.GetVisualParent().  This has not yet been incorporated in to BlackBird.


  • #838  Removed a NT 7 test for bars being received in the wrong order, when running on live data.  This test, in NT 8, was causing false positive warning messages “Due to a NinjaTrader exception, BlackBird detected out of order bars, recalculations of…”.
  • #961  Implemented further checks and limits to limit stop-losses jumping back and forth between ticks due to indicator plot variances between tick prices.
  • #973  Fixed an issue cancelling pending orders.  If Calculate is set to On Each Tick, the Cancel After component would not trigger when using a BloodHound signal to trigger the cancel and there are Trailing Rules defined.
  • #974  Fixed an issue with time based delays, in the Trigger » Delay menu » Seconds/Minutes time option, when Calculate is set to On Each Tick or On Price Change.  Short time periods would trigger instantly.
  • #976  Fixed an issue where cancelling pending orders could cause an error.
  • #985  Fixed a System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; error that could occur when using a large number of order sets and the states of active orders are being modified or changed.
  • #994  Fixed a Null reference error that could occur with BlackBird’s order flags.
  • #996  Corrected a specific state of the OrderStatusChanged trigger that could cause an error.
  • #997  Fixed a unique situation where indicators outputting a zero value, instead of NA, and an Offset is used could move a stop-loss to zero.
  • #999  Opening the Order Settings window and making changes, while a position was open, caused the Order Monitor panel to reset.  This has been corrected.
  • #1000  Added a new Trailing Rule » Action type » Flatten Position.  This provides a secondary option, other than BloodHound » Exit Signal Template,  for flattening an entire position using a trailing rule.  This option is located in the Order menu » Trailing Actions tab » Action column » Type » Flatten Position.
  • #1019  Improved the Scheduling menu to automatically set the Time Zone (located at the bottom of the menu) to the computer’s time zone, when creating a custom trading schedule from scratch.

HeatMap Pro

  • #995  Fixed a potential Null object reference error that could occur with a specific sequence of events during instrument roll-over.
  • #1034  Removed code that acquired the prior session closing price from a Daily bar data series as an alternative price, incase the official MarketData.LastClose price call failed to return a price.  That alternative code has been removed, because Daily bars return an incorrect closing price.

Swing Highs & Lows

  • #1026  Set Number of Swings property to allow a minimum input value of 2.  If Number of Swings is set to 1, gaps in the Widest Tops & Widest Bottoms would occur.  That is undesirable when using swing lines with Bloodhound.


  • #988  Deleting files in the …\NT 8\cache\  folder, during installation, has been enabled again to help prevent file version mis-matching issues.


Please Exit NinjaTrader before running the Installer!

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Current Version:

If you experience any errors during installation or after installation then please do the following:

  1. Uninstall the SharkIndicators software (follow steps 3, 4, 5, 6 of these instructions).
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Restart NinjaTrader (without SharkIndicators software, to flush any cached files).
  4. Shut down NinjaTrader. Do Not save Workspaces.
  5. Then run the SharkIndicators Installer again.

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