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NinjaTrader 8


This is a hot-fix for update 8.1.12.


  • #892  Corrected ability to change the Label parameter in the Market Analyzer.  Changing the Label parameter did not change the column name.
  • #983  Corrected the Bar Direction solver.  Doji bars with no wicks (High = Low price) would output a long and short.  Corrected to show no output.  New setting to allow a bar direction for Gravestone and Dragonfly dojis.


  • #975  Corrected an intermittent menu display issue with the Entry order » Place After option » BloodHound Signal menu option.  Sometime the BloodHound Template and Logic Template menu items would be empty, although the previously entered BloodHound template was being used.



This update releases HeatMap Pro, and additional improvements and fixes for BlackBird, BloodHound, and Renko Counter.  More improvements are planned for monthly or semi-monthly releases as we add new features and enhancements.
PLEASE NOTE:  Do Not use Tick Replay with this version. Tick Replay will cause errors in BloodHound.  This will be researched in the coming months.

Improvements & Fixes

HeatMap Pro

  • Initial release for NinjaTrader 8.  HeatMap is an ‘Add On‘ class product, meaning it is opened/accessed from the Control Center, not from Charts » Indicators.  See image to the right.  Note:  A license for the NT 8 version is necessary to run this version.  If you want to upgrade your NT 7 license to NT 8 please contact support with your NT 7 License ID.
  • Future enhancements are planned.  For example;  The ability to access HeatMap data in BloodHound, and the ability to select between previous market’s closing price or the current day’s market open price.


  • #965  Fixed an issue opening BloodHound files.  If an indicator that requires a secondary timeframe/dataseries (i.e. Order Flow Cumulative Data, and other volume footprint type of indicators) was nested in to another indicator, within a solver, an error would occur.


  • #943  The Order Monitor panel now shows Cancelled when a pending entry order is cancelled while the order is in a pending state.  Previously, only a live working order would show as Cancelled, if it was cancelled.  Pending orders were not included.
  • #964  Added additional debug information to NinjaTrader’s Log file.  The BlackBird file name is printed to the Log file when BB starts up, and when the Open or Save button is used.  Also, the instrument and chart type is output as well.
  • #980  Improved internal checks for 3rd party indicators that may output a null or zero value.  When using an indicator to set an order’s price or trailing price, sometimes an indicator may output a null value or value of zero.  If this occurs, BB will now ignore those improper values for setting order prices.

Renko Counter

  • #958  The bar’s closing price is now exposed as a DataSeries for use in BloodHound.
    • This indicator now works with the Calculate parameter set to ‘On bar close’ for renko type bars.
    • It now works with the UniRenko bar type set to bar slot 501 & 2018 (i.e. from and NinjaTrader’s download area).
    • Improved  the ability to restore the original Chart Properties » ‘Right side margin’ value when the indicator is removed from the chart.  This indicator may need to increase the Right side margin so the closing price text is not clipped by extending to far right.  If that occurs, the indicator will try to restore the original settings when it is removed.
    • Added auto scaling of the chart’s Y axis when the text displays at the very top or bottom of the chart.


  • A more convenient location has been added to access the licensing window.  From the NinjaTrader Control Center, click on the New menu.  At the bottom is SharkIndicators.  Move the mouse to SharkIndicators and a Licensing option will appear.


Please Exit NinjaTrader before running the Installer!

Download Latest NT8      Installer

If you experience any errors during the installation process or with using Shark software after installing this update then please do the following to flush out older cached files:

  1. Uninstall the SharkIndicators software (follow steps 3, 4, 5, 6 of these instructions).
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Restart NinjaTrader (without SharkIndicators software, to flush any cached files).
  4. Shut down NinjaTrader. Do Not save Workspaces.
  5. Then run the SharkIndicators Installer again.

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