Trade Signals

This section allows BlackBird to be setup as a fully automated trading system by setting up an indicator that generates discrete trade signals.  Custom indicators that output a trade signal (not a chart marker) can be used, as well as BloodHound signals.  Please note, chart makers are not output signals.
Multiple Signal sources can be setup.  When multiple signals are setup they are all treated as a single signal source.  I.E.  All Signals are combined together using a logical OR function.

BloodHound Signal

Select this option to use BloodHound signals as the automated entry signal source.  BloodHound signals can be used to flatten/exit the entire position as well.  Changing the BloodHound  template file must be done using this menu.  Do not use the blue BloodHound  buttom on the top of the chart to load a different file.

Do not build BloodHound systems using an instance of BloodHound running inside of BlackBird.  Issues can occur when doing so.  Most notably, lost work/changes.  Create and/or modify your BloodHound systems only within an instance of BloodHound that is added to the chart from NinjaTrader's Indicators window, not by BlackBird.
After editing is finished, reload the template file into BlackBird.  To do that, open the BloodHound interface.  Go to File » Open, and load the updated file.

Indicator Based Signal

Select this option to use a custom indicator’s output signal as a automated entry signals. An indicator signal can be used to flatten/exit the entire position as well.

Workshop Video

This video comes from the workshop in 2016.