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Time Session Solver

The Time Session solver uses NinjaTrader’s Session Manager (CC > Tools > Session Manager) to define blocks of time that can be used in your BloodHound logic.  Custom blocks of time, called a Session template, can be created and saved using the Session Manager.  Some typical uses for this solver would be; restricting BloodHound signals during certain times of day, block trading, and flatten trades, in Raven, before the market closes.

When BloodHound is set to ‘Calculate on bar close’ = True, the bar must close before this solver can detect the bar is inside or outside the Session time.  IE, Chart: 8 Range.  Session template Start time: 9:00am and End time: 3:00pm.  When the time hits 3:00pm and the 8 Range bars is still building, the solver will not know the current time is outside the 9am-3pm Session until the bar closes, and the bar may not close until 3:12pm.  This is important to consider when using this solver in a Exit logic to flatten positions in Raven before the market closes.

Alert Title
NinjaTrader can not export Session templates. Therefore, custom Sessions can not be transferred to another computer. Any custom Session template will need to be created in the other computer first, before loading a BloodHound file with a custom Session template.




Video Tutorials

This video – from the weekly workshop – explains how to use the new Scheduler interface, and some examples of how and why you might use the Time Session solver.

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End of Day Exit Logic (from the Tips & Tricks videos)

This video shows how to use the Time Session solver to allow signals during three different time periods of the day.