Chameleon was specifically created to provide price data, including alternate time-frame prices, to BloodHound solvers, for the NinjaTrader 7 version of BloodHound.  This is not necessary anymore as price data is now available directly in all BloodHound solvers.  Chameleon is still useful for nesting/feeding alternate prices into indicators.  e.g, Changing the Input Series of the SMA to the Open price to create an SMA of open prices.  Alternate instrument price data can be accessed as well.  e.g. You can create an SMA of the DOW on an S&P 500 chart.
This indicator may be deprecated at some point in the future.


Modify Value

NinjaTrader 7 has an issue and when Alternate Instrument / TimeFrame is enabled, it may arise.  This issue happens randomly.  We have submitted this to NinjaTrader support. You can read their response at…

Here is a brief explanation of the NT 7 issue.  Think of BloodHound as the parent indicator, and SiChameleon or any other indicator you load into BloodHound as the child indicators.  The issue occurs when the child indicator loads its own secondary time-frame data, which is what Chameleon does when Alternate Instrument/TimeFrame is being used. (IE, such as a custom SMA indicator that uses 5 minute chart data to display a 5 Minute SMA on any chart you want). NinjaTrader sometimes does not load the SMA’s 5 minute data correctly inside the child indicator. When this happens NinjaTrader will not calculate the child indicator, and therefore skips bars.


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