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Chameleon was specifically created to provide any price data available from NinjaTrader.  Any time frame, any bar type, and Any instrument.  With Chameleon, you can feed price data from the DOW index in to an SMA(for example) on an S&P500 chart.


For plot names that end with SMA, this value is the SMA period.  For plot names that end with Bounds, this value is the number of bars to look back for Lowest price or Highest price.  IE. If this value is set to 3, then the Low Bounds plot will lookback 3 bars and return the lowest low price.  For the High Bounds plot the highest high price will be returned.

When False price data will come from the default chart.  When True the parameters below will appear allowing alternate price data to be selected and used.  Please note, there is a NinjaTrader issue that may cause BloodHound to trigger “SiBloodHound detected out of order bars, bars are being skipped” error message when this setting is True.  See the description below in the blue info box.

NinjaTrader has an issue and when Alternate Instrument/TimeFrame is set to True, it may arise. This issue happens randomly. We have submitted this to NinjaTrader support. You can read their response at… http://www.ninjatrader.com/support/forum/showthread.php?t=67415

Here is a brief explanation of the Ninja issue. Think of BloodHound as the parent indicator, and SiChameleon or any other indicator you load into BloodHound as the child indicators. The issue occurs when the child indicator loads its own secondary/alternate time-frame data, which is what Chameleon does when Alternate Instrument/TimeFrame is being used. (IE, such as a custom SMA indicator that uses 5 minute chart data to display a 5 Minute SMA on any chart you want). NinjaTrader sometimes does not load the SMA’s 5 minute data correctly inside the child indicator. When this happens NinjaTrader will not calculate the child indicator, and therefore skips bars.

Alternate Instrument / Timeframe

This parameter allows you to select an instrument  different from the default chart that BloodHound is running on.

Sets the type of market data used to drive the Data Series.

Sets the bar type of the Data Series.  See the Bar Types section of NinjaTrader’s Help Guide for more information.


Sets the Data Series value.


Sets the underlying Data Series type used. (Kagi, PointAndFigure, and LineBreak only).


Sets the underlying Data Series value used. (Kagi, PointAndFigure, and LineBreak only).


Sets the reversal value. (Kagi and PointAndFigure only).


Sets the type of reversal calculation used. (Kagi only).
Sets the brick size value. (Renko only).
Sets the box size value. (PointAndFigure only).
Sets the price type used for Data Series calculations. (PointAndFigure only).
Sets the number of lines used to determine a line break. (LineBreak only).