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Heat Map Pro

The HeatMapPro provides a quick, simple, & easy to read visual display of the current market change relative to yesterday’s close or the market open. The bottom panel informs you when the markets are correlated in the same direction or mixed. In addition, the Trend Bars display the trend status for each market. The market’s percent change is traditionally calculated by taking the currently traded price and subtracting it from yesterday’s Closing price. Our HeatMap can also show the percent change from the market Open.


  • This indicator requires a real-time data feed for the instruments you wish to use.
  • The Data Feed provider is responsible for transmitting the prior session’s Closing price.



This is where a list of instruments is selected to be displayed in the HeatMap.  This parameter uses NinjaTrader’s Instrument Manager to select an Instrument list.  Clicking this parameter will open the Instruent Manager.  All the instruments in the list will be displayed in the HeatMap.  If you only want to see certain instruments, then you will need to create a custom Instrument list.  Click here for instructions on creating a custom list.

  1. Add a new Instrument list. 
  2. Name the new Instrument list.

  3. Add instruments to the list.
  4. Click OK.


Last Session Close
This will use the prior session Closing price to calculate the percent change from.  Using the last session’s closing price is the traditional method for calculating a Heat map.  The session Closing price is provided by your data feed provider.  See the Data Feed Connections section below, and additional information is available on the NinjaTrader Support Forum.  Post #1Post #2.

This will use the Opening price that is captured at the specified Open Time (see parameter below) to calculate the percent change from.  Using the Open price gives a more relative percent change within today’s market movements.

This setting is only visible when Percent Change Price is set to Opening.  Set this to the time when the market opens on your charts.  This Open Time applies to all instruments in the Instrument List.  This time is based on the timezone of your computer.  IE, if the Open Time you want to use is 9:30am EST (-5 UTC), but your computer timezone is CST (-6 UTC) then set the Open Time to 8:30am, which is when the market opens on your charts.
This percent value determines when the instrument’s background color changes to green or red.  When the percent change is closer to zero the instrumets background color will be gray denoting a neutral status.  IE, If this parameter is set to 0.10%, the background color will turn green once the percent change is equal or greater than 0.10%, or the background will turn red when equal or less than 0.10%.
This percentage value determines what percentage of instruments must be positive or negative for the Correlation panel to state Correlated, as seen in the example image.  The minimum value allowed is 51%, to prevent a conflict.  IE, You may only need 75% of the instruments in agreement to be considered a positive or negative correlation for the markets.

The Trend Bars use a minute based time period (minute chart) to determine a short term trend.  This parameter sets the minute period that is used to evaluate the trend.  This minute timeframe is internal to the Heat Map and is not affected by the chart’s timeframe or type that it is running on.  I.E.  The default is 5.  Meaning, a 5 minute chart period is used, therefore the Trend Bars are showing the trend of a 5 minute chart.  Changing this setting to 1 would evaluate the trend of a 1 minute chart.

The green up trend bars display when the last three minute bars are all up.  The red down trend bars display when the last three bars are all down.  The gray neutral bars are shown when the last three bars are mixed up & down.


UI Options

Setting to True forces the HeatMap window on top of all other windows.
Setting to True will have the indicator decide the number of columns and rows to display.  Setting to False allows the user to manually set the number of columns and rows.
Setting to True will show the last tick price.
Setting to True will show either yesterday’s Session closing price or today’s opening price, according to the Options » Percent Change Price that is selected.

Data Feed Connections

Live data feed
Your data feed provides the instrument’s Last Session Close price.  That price is not calculated by the Heatmap or NinjaTrader.  It comes from the exchange to your data feed provider and then to NinjaTrader.

Market Replay data feed
The Market Replay calculates the Last Session Close price when the instruments’s RTH session ends.  What this translate to for the Heatmap is the Market Replay must be fast forwarded to the instrument’s closing time and when the after hours market reopens the Market Replay will receive the Last Session Close price and the Heatmap will then start working.  Do Not move the Market Replay slider.  The Market Replay loses the Last Session Close price when the slider is moved.
I.E.  Fast forward the Market Replay data past the first trading day.  When the market reopens in the after hours session the Heatmap will start working.  Then you can fast forward to the next market open.

Additional information is available on the NinjaTrader Support Forum.  Post #1Post #2.

Compatibility for use in BloodHound will be added when NinjaTrader 8 resolves a known issue.  Please check back later.