Time Block Indicator

This indicator is to be used in the Threshold solver to identify various blocks of time or specific times of the day.  See the Outputs for BloodHound section for the various times that can be identified.
I.E.  Identifying blocks of time is useful for creating an Exit signal to flatten any open position before the market closes.  Identifying a specific time is useful for resetting a Function node that maybe blocking trade signals, but want to reset it at a certain time so trade signals will resume again.

The SiTimeBlock indicator was created to overcome some limitations with NinjaTrader’s Session templates and the Time Session solver.  NinjaTrader does not allow custom Session templates to be transferred to other computers.  This limitation prevents a BloodHound file that uses a Time Session solver with a custom Session template from working correctly on another computer, unless the custom Session template is also created on the other computer.  This indicator used in the Threshold solver eliminates that problem.


Outputs for BloodHound

TimeBlock communicates with BloodHound with BoolSeries. A BoolSeries is a True or False value.  True converts to a value of 1.  False converts to ∅ (zero).