Order Settings

The Order Settings window is like the master control panel for BlackBird. This is where the orders are defined, various trading restrictions are set, and auto trade signals are setup.

Management Buttons

This area provides access to various management controls and options.
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Trade Signals

This area allows automated trade signals to be defined, turning BlackBird into a fully automated trading system.
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Order Sets

This area is where entry, profit targets, and stop-loss orders are defined.
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Commit Changes Buttons

These buttons close the Order Settings window.  While this window is open interaction with other NinjaTrader windows is not permitted.
E.G. Similar to having the  NT Chart » Indicator window open.

This button saves the settings to the file and in memory.
This button saves the settings only to memory. It does not save to the file.
This button discards/cancels changes made after the Order Settings window was opened.
E.G. When the Order Settings window is opened a copy of the settings are saved to memory, and if the Cancel button is clicked that copy is restored. Previous settings from previously opening the window can not be restored.