BloodHound ProfessionalBloodHound Pro Features

In addition to all the features in BloodHound Standard, BloodHound Professional adds a layer of customizable logic for added power and flexibility.

Visual Programming

Use simple logic nodes and solver nodes together in an interactive work-space to craft any desired output.

You’re limited only by your imagination.

Fuzzy Logic

Using fuzzy logic allows your strategy to behave less like a robot and more organically like a human trader, allowing you to operate in shades of grey instead of black and white.

Many strategies are designed with concrete digital logic in mind in order to make it fool proof for manual execution. However, this self-imposed limitation is often a mechanism to prevent traders from tampering with the trade rules – guaranteeing that the trades are being taken objectively and not through emotion. While this may remove the emotional aspect of trading the system, it is at the cost of flexibility, a trait that is regularly employed by expert discretionary traders. Master discretionary traders can often outperform automated trading systems due to this use of flexibility and higher level cognition.

With the use of BloodHound’s fuzzy logic technology, you can benefit from both the emotionless objectivity of an automated trading system, but still mimic the behavior of a discretionary trader. It may sound complex, but it isn’t – BloodHound does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on the main logic.

Logic Nodes

Incorporate and/or logic nodes to arbitrary logic networks, each node having no limits on the number of inputs.

Construct popular “point-scoring” based systems using ratio and additive logic nodes.

Fine Tune

Fine tune inputs and outputs at any stage of the calculation with flexible weighting slider controls.

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  • Define influence ranges
  • Apply fuzzy logic hedges
  • Apply logic inversions
  • Boost or reduce node influence with numerical factors

Multiple Time Frames

Inputs can be placed in the context of any time frame or chart style that you desire, this including indicators or characteristics like bar length or swing patterns.

It’s like having an extra set of eyes looking at different charts for you. With BloodHound, you can eliminate the need to dart your eyes from chart to chart.

Multiple Logic Templates

Define as many logic templates as you like in a single trade system, allowing you to pick and choose different strategies for different occasions, in real-time.

Switch from a volatile market strategy when the price swings get wild to a trend strategy to maximize profits when the market is heading in one direction – all in a single mouse click.