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The Oil Trading Room is an Amazing Resource for Educating Traders regardless of the market traded.  Whether you are looking for a Live Trading Room using Advanced Trading Concepts and Techniques using the Smart Patterns Trading System, having a qualified Mentor look over your shoulder in a Live Trading Environment explaining the action as it goes each day during Market Action Specific Lectures, having a seasoned professional there each day to Answer Your Questions at Any Level and Trading Topic or more, you will Find What You Are Looking For in the Oil Trading Room.

The Oil Trading Room’s sister site, is devoted to providing Trader Resources, Indicators and Trading Systems that work hand in hand with the Advanced Trading Education and Resources provided at the Oil Trading Room.

Founder Rob Mitchell is active as a Trading Educator, Coach and Mentor, helping others to Achieve their Dreams as traders.  Take a look at the Reviews page to see what other traders feel and say about Trading and Learning in the Oil Trading Room and learn more about Innovative Trading Tools, Strategies, Trading Systems and Trading Solutions at

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