No trends move in one direction. All trends do have something in common though. They all have a regular series of pullbacks or retracements before continuing or reversing. These pullbacks are much easier to see and exploit than trying to pick trend tops and bottoms and trying to ride it out to while managing your discipline and emotions. In fact, there are multiple trading strategies and analysis techniques to see that a pullback is about to occur. With our Bunt Trading system, we combine those indicators to create a confluence of information all suggesting that a pullback or retracement is imminent. We know exactly when the markets are being manipulated and what other retail traders (i.e. your competition) are likely to do next.

We don’t just use one or two of the most powerful technical analysis techniques to build our Bunt Trading system around. We use multiple techniques such as:
• Volume Spread Analysis
• Order Flow Analysis
• Divergence
• Support and Resistance
• Price Action
• Momentum
• Exhaustion
• Tape Reading

We see a very clear picture of the traders currently trading in the markets using these analysis techniques together. When they all come to the same conclusion, our traders are reporting to us upwards of 80% success rates. The only problem, they say, is that we didn’t have an automated system to take advantage of all of the opportunities that arise in Bunt Trading. And until Shark Indicators BloodHound product, they were right. Bloodhound takes the Intentional Trader indicator signals and alerts you when there is a confluence and conditions are imminent for a pullback. Set it up as a black box autotrader or a grey box signal generator. Either way, BloodHound will take all the stress and emotions from making a trade decision wondering if you did the right thing.

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