Take control with the Lucrum Ruby Trading System which features 9 fully customizable tools and indicators, all of which can be read and utilized by BloodHound. Build a complete system which fits your personal trading objectives whether you’re a day, swing, trend or long term trader. This suite of different tools at your disposal will give you the robustness and flexibility that you’re looking for when developing or expanding your trading strategy.

Complexity Can Mean Simplicity

While the Ruby System hosts a plethora of very complicated, algorithmic components – what you use and see was focuses on simplicity and the ability to easily visualize trading opportunities. Along with clean visual components, the outputs for BloodHound are simple and easy to understand and incorporate.

Design Your System Around These Accessible Outputs

• Bar color directions (up, down, neutral)
• Modified Moving Average direction and slope
• Entry trade signals
• Extended trade signals
• ATR direction and price comparison
• Pivot point reversals
• 11 key Fibonacci points for comparison or crossovers

Complete Control and Flexibility

Ruby was designed to be powerful outside of the box but that didn’t mean that we didn’t want to remove your ability to tailor it for your needs. The Ruby system gives you complete control of how the system works with your trading or even visual preferences. Each parameter can be tuned to make the perfect system for your specific trading needs.

Features of the Ruby System?

• Pattern Recognition Engine
• Color Coded Trade Signals
• Vision Renko Bar Type
• Trend Identification
• Fibonacci Levels
• Dynamic Volatility Stop
• Support/Resistance Monitoring Tools
• Color Pallete Changing
• Propietary MMA Indicator
• Color Changing EMA Indicator

What’s Included with Ruby?

Lucrum Ruby Trading System Lifetime License for NinjaTrader 7
Invitation to all Lucrum Ruby Webinars
One Hour of Free Setup Consulting
Vision Renko Bar Type ($195 Value)
Comprenhensive Use and Trading Manual
Free Updates
Free E-mail Support

Trust in Your System

Lucrum Ruby will give you the confidence with your trading by supplying the powerful tools for your trading system. Remove the doubt and second guessing by coupling Ruby with Bloodhound to continually test and tweak the design of your strategy into something that you trust and have confidence in.

Learn more about Lucrum Trading Systems and Ruby or purchase yours here.

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