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Price Action Indicators are a collection of high quality indicators for NinjaTrader. Our indicators cover a wide range of tools for Technical Analysis of Price Action, including Support & Resistance, Trend, Momentum and Reversal Signals. Price Action indicators can be used to show points for low risk entries close to Support and Resistance.

Price movements are always very precise, because most traders and computers are aware of the key price levels, which are support and resistance and draw markets to them. To enter with high probability and low risk, you need to enter when traders have become trapped or are getting trapped out.

You can use our indicators on any instrument and time frame, also range, tick, volume, reversal and many other types of charts. They probably need to be tweaked especially to the “personality” and time frame of the instrument you’re trading. 
Confluence is very important in trading and means to have several (at least two) reasons to take a trade. Your 1st reason can be a Reversal Signal Bar and your 2nd reason can be e.g. Support/Resistance, Buying/Selling pressure, Tick Failure Breakouts and many more.

Whether you scalp or swing trade, our indicators can show you high probability setups for your trading style. Most of our NinjaTrader 8 indicators can be used for Automated Trading as well."

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