PFA: Supply and Demand Trading Community – Live Room, Zone Software, Forum

Pure Financial Academy is an online trading community dedicated to supply and demand, order flow methods. PFA has provided training material and software to individuals since 2009 and continues to share their passion for futures, forex and stocks trading analysis via their live room and active forum.

PFA believes in the power of having others on the same path as yourself, there to support you and create an interactive environment. Their mission is to provide the best trading community for active traders and investors by bringing together inspirational individuals from around the world who are eager to grow as a team.

To compliment your experience, PFA includes an extensive supply and demand trading course, software license to automatic zone software and a forum where you can ask questions, share trading ideas and collaborate with others. All of which is designed to simplify the movement of price action and produce an in-depth understanding of how the financial markets function. Even the most complex scenarios are broken down in the live room to make it easier to follow.

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