The STOCATA (Stocks Applied Technical Analysis) website uses technical analysis charting techniques for trading the stock market.

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captering profit

Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis is a complete trading system called “LOCKIT” in a book.

It is a basic technical analysis reference that teaches you step by step how and when to apply specific technical analysis techniques to achieve maximum trading profit.

Crystal clear rules for every st

ep making it easy and realistic to follow, “LOCKIT”; an easy way to remember the most important rules that produce winning trades.

The book received an “Axiom Business Book Awards” bronze medal from the “Independent Publisher” in the category “Investing”.

readers_choice_awards_big_240Many articles and indicators are and will be published in “Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities” magazine.

Some articles received the S&C READERS’ CHOICE AWARD as WINNER in the category “favorite S&C magazine article of the year”.

band_indicatorsThe “BAND INDICATORS” DVD includes the video presentation with
the user manual and the source of the licensed formulas available for NinjaTrader®, MetaStock® and MetaTrader4® but can be programmed in any other platform with the available source code.

This band Break System trails the price movement of a stock, buying and selling on a trend reversal. Finding the most profitable balance between fast entering a trade avoiding as much as possible false entries and staying in as long as possible to let profits run.

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