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Trade-The-Plan designs custom strategy templates in Bloodhound for clients of Shark Indicators.  We also offer workshops and recordable one-on-one training sessions via GoToMeeting.  Our relationships with clients are strictly confidential and normally involve non-disclosure agreements.

These affordable services complement those of software vendors, trading education rooms, and Ninja Script consultants.  We empower traders to become consistently profitable by assisting them to develop quantifiable rule-based discretionary, semi-automated, and fully-automated trading plans and strategies with proper risk control and money management.

Thanks to Bloodhound, programming specific trade types is easily accessible and very inexpensive.  We now have the capacity to configure and test strategies in 1/10 of the time that would be required to write it out in code, compile it, and run back-tests.  For traders who are proficient with the software, we can refine a template’s efficiencies or conduct research and testing to optimize the strategy.

Advance your trading business to the next level by planning your trade and trading your plan.  For a free consultation, write to Daniel Roe ( or visit our website for more information (

Note:  Trade-The-Plan honors intellectual property rights.  We do not (1) sell templates that are created for clients, (2) violate licensing agreements, or (3) reveal proprietary code to third parties.  These ethical standards are essential for protecting the interests of clients and for maintaining the continuity of our specialized business model.

Neither SharkIndicators nor any of its affiliates has endorsed or recommended for use any product, service, or statement offered or presented on this page. SharkIndicators is not responsible for the accuracy and content of the website or service offered by the company herein.