ZoneTraderPro provides a pattern matching suite of tools. The tools consist of price patterns, order flow patterns, real time divergence, and accumulation and distribution patterns. The tools focus on providing the trader real-time information. The suite of tools includes a real time indicator called Delta Strength which is unique and 100% proprietary as it identifies the strength of the bar based upon order size.  The divergence indicators are real-time and filters for the order size.

The ZoneTraderPro price pattern tool identifies trends, reversals, strong trends, and exhaustion patterns. The order flow tool identifies multiple different patterns in including exhaustion, Point of Control, stopping and continuation ratios, and the identification of extension zones. Extension zones identify when there is an imbalance of markets orders at a particular price.  The use of pricing patterns and order flow patterns together is what makes these tools unique.  BloodHound is completely compatible with the price and order flow patterns from ZoneTraderPro.

ZoneTraderPro also includes tools based on the cumulative delta.  These tools themselves are unique because they filter for order size.  The time and sales, which other software is based upon, only reports the size of the fill.  The size of the fill is 100% useless information if you want to see large order traders.  ZoneTraderPro identifies three types of divergences.  There is a regular divergence pattern.  The is a special divergence pattern which shows when large lot traders have been trading the opposite direction as price moves.  There is an accumulation and distribution pattern that identifies large lot traders’ intentions.  And lastly ZoneTraderPro displays a ratio known as the density ratio.  The density ratio is a completely new way to see if traders on limit orders are supplying liquidity.  It is a completely new way to see when a market turn is imminent. 


Chris is the owner and he is also a trader.  Give him a call and he will be happy to bring you to his screens so that you can see the system working live with BloodHound.  His number is 954-380-4854.

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