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Bloodhound is not

a voodoo black box system that will chop your account dry. BloodHound is not some pre-baked trading system. Nor is it a replacement for education, analysis, practice, and dedication.

Bloodhound is

a tool for inputting, back-testing and running automated trading strategies. It complements your market research, feedback cycle and trend analysis by making fully automated trades according to your trading rules. BloodHound trades without emotion, allowing you to focus on high level strategy improvements. BloodHound is a tool that can help you turn your knowledge and experience into a successful trading career.

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Our goal is simple.

We want to make day trading and autotrading a realistic possibility for everyone who knows when to buy and sell. That’s it. That’s why we made BloodHound. The first software of its kind, BloodHound for NinjaTrader allows users to set up automated trades using simple visual programming. No coding is necessary.

For many, day trading is a dream career. Day traders get to work from home with no bosses, no deadlines and no obligations to anyone but themselves. Even better, day trading is open to anyone with initiative.

Except It’s Not Quite That Simple.

Many day traders do not properly backtest their strategies. Skipping this crucial step puts them at a serious disadvantage and it’s not because they are lazy. Quite the contrary – traders are ambitious. The issue is there aren’t any tools to do this effectively or efficiently. Until now, the only way to properly backtest a trading strategy was to code it. An unrealistic task for beginners who aren’t software developers.

Those that manage to overcome this initial hurdle still spend thousands

of hours developing trade strategies the old-fashioned way. Eventually, they arrive at an effective plan that, when applied to historical market data, is extremely successful. They look at their strategies’ predictive value and find they potentially could make a living day trading.

However, the majority of amateur traders quickly encounter another major obstacle. They fail to become professional traders because the actual process is much more emotional than they expected.

The majority of new traders don’t give up because they don’t know how to make money off the market. They give up because they can’t make objective trades involving real money all day, every day.

In the past, the only successful day traders possessed the ability to maintain ice-cold trade execution under stress.

We set out to change all that.

BloodHound gives you the power to discover great trading systems like never before. It also gives you the power to execute them without breaking a sweat. BloodHound is an invaluable tool for serious traders who want what it takes to succeed in the market.

BloodHound is the answer to creating fully automated trading strategies without coding; it allows you to backtest easily and execute trades automatically. BloodHound works with you to adapt your strategies, allowing you to tweak your ideas and see the results in real-time. No coder can work that quick.

We offer a no obligation, unlimited free trial of BloodHound.

Download it, and discover for yourself why many traders use BloodHound to create their own custom signal indicator. When you’re ready to do some serious work, purchase a license for the cost of a good trade.

Whether you already have a successful career in day trading or are just starting out, BloodHound will open up new possibilities you never had before.

Get started today. Seek the success you deserve.

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