30-Day Full Trial


Our trial runs with all the features enabled for BloodHound and BlackBird for 30 days (with the exception of live trading). This is known as “Full Trial” mode.
A trial of HeatMap Pro and both BarTypes is also included.

Restricted Trial
After 30 days, your trial will continue to run, allowing you to use “Restricted Trial” mode. You can still learn the software and familiarize yourself with the interface and building systems. The following restrictions will apply:

  • Signals/Values for the current 5 bars will not be visible.
  • Calculations will not be shown for incoming real-time data.
  • Market Replay is available only for the last 5 days.
  • Multiple timeframes is disabled.
  • Back-testing is disabled for more than 60 days of intraday data, or 180 days if using daily bars.
  • Live trading is disabled (set NinjaTrader to run in Global Simulation Mode)
Virtual Machines
A trial version of BloodHound running inside a virtualized environment (such as VMWare) will always default to a “Restricted Trial”

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Trial Includes:

  • BloodHound Ultimate
  • BlackBird Ultimate
  • BacktestRenko Bars
  • BacktestLineBreak Bars
  • HeatMap Pro (NT7 only for now)

Download the Full Trial
The NinjaTrader 8 update is coming soon. For now our software supports NinjaTrader 7.

For questions, please contact us.