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  • Backtesting
  • Live Trading
  • 3rd Party Indicator Support
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  • Backtesting
  • Live Trading
  • 3rd Party Indicator Support
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  • Powerful Logic Board
  • Multiple Logic Templates
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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our products can be activated on up to 2 computers at a time. The 2 computers must be owned and used only by the purchaser. Sorry no sharing is allowed.
BloodHound comes with a 1 year maintenance period, during which you can download updates. After that period ends, you can continue using BloodHound on the latest version that came out before your maintenance period expired without any restrictions. For more information please see this page.

You have the option to extend your maintenance period to continue having access to the latest updates and enhancements as they’re released.¬† For current¬†maintenance period pricing please contact us.

If you want to upgrade to a higher version of BloodHound, that is always an option.

For example, an upgrade from Pro to Ultimate is $115. Upgrade from Standard to Ultimate is $330.

The BloodHound trial has all the features of BloodHound Ultimate. If after using the trial and reading the above features, you are still not sure which edition to purchase, please share your needs with us so we can help.
  • “I have been a BloodHound Ultimate and Backtest Renko user for a couple of years now. I wouldn’t be trading now if I didn’t have these tools. Your support staff is also the best I have worked with.” -Vic N
  • “Great charting and logic trading system. Great, prompt support. What more is there to say for any online business? Thanks, Zac and Jeremy for making trading profitable and fun.” -Paul S
  • “The best tool I’ve come across in my 10 years of trading. I wish they were around when I first started out. I could have saved myself a bundle in research and development.” -Ed A
  • “SharkIndicators’ BloodHound is in a class of its own. It can empower your signal strategy creation in NinjaTrader without becoming a C# programmer.” -Bob R
  • “Very intuitive even with minimal programming experience. I can encode exactly what I want & significantly cut costs. BloodHound works exactly as advertised. I’m very happy w/ the product.” -Fred E
  • “I think I would have quit trading if not for BloodHound. Probably the best decision I have ever made for my trading business.” -Derek D